Find The Thrive with TPR

The NATA Now Blog post featuring Joe Greene, MS, ATC, highlighted the fact that COVID-19 opened some eyes to the significance of how important it is for us as a profession to pursue Third-Party Reimbursement.

By showing value to a hospital system, a physician’s practice, or clinic, third-party reimbursement may be beneficial to maintaining the livelihood of our profession, especially in light of the pandemic.

At the very least, a good first step is recognizing the importance of third-party reimbursement and then take that one step further . . . because becoming recognized as a profession for third-party reimbursement is not an easy task to overcome. Then second, educating yourself on what it means to be reimbursable by a payor and all the details that go into being reimbursed successfully.

A good place to start is the NATA Now Blog Post Third Party Reimbursement Beyond COVID-19. Woven throughout the post are some subtle suggestions about what we need to do as a profession, consistently, to get us there.

The general message of the blog post featuring Greene, NATA’s Third-Party Reimbursement Initiative Project Facilitator, is that we already know that athletic trainers are exceptional healthcare providers. The next thing we can do now, is to sharpen the skills we already have to be translated into a language that payors utilize and understand, a language that is already used by other healthcare providers, and PUT THAT TO WORK FOR US!

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