Lindsey Rozinski, LAT, ATC Licensed Athletic Trainer

An ambitious Athletic Training clinician enriching my professional development to bring my followers a unique sports medicine experience with intelligence and thoughtfulness.

Inspired by the “Own Your Impact” manifesto, some stories cannot be told in 140 characters. Every time I attend a conference, business meeting, volunteer opportunity, continuing education course and connect with other athletic trainers, I find myself inspired by the experiences. National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s (NATA) President, Tory Lindley, MA, ATC talks about owning your impact and sharing your story, encouraging athletic trainers to be bold and be proud. I hear him hype up the profession with a call to action and he always makes me believe that I can answer that call.

I am Lindsey Rozinski, Licensed Athletic Trainer, and enthusiastic NATA member. It is my pleasure to write articles about athletic trainers that inspire me and share the stories that may not otherwise be heard.

No one knows your story better than you.

NATA President Tory Lindley, MA, ATC

What type of articles will I be writing about?

A spirited NATA member that believes in showing up and being engaged. As an athletic trainer I attend national, district and state meetings. I volunteer in focus groups, task forces, and immediate skill capacities. Within all these experiences, I aspire to make connections with athletic trainers that will grow into rich and sustainable networks, relationships, and mentors.

I always enjoy a great conversation. Complex topics, high level discussions, conflicting points of view . . . I enjoy them all and never shy away. Legislation, third party reimbursement, advocacy, leadership, and quality improvement are some of my favorite topics to talk and write about.

It is my intention to publish articles that are well thought out, clever, and reflective of the heart of athletic training. It is with great privilege that I can connect with the profession and athletic trainers to share with readers unique experiences and insights.

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