A Licensed Athletic Trainer with 5 years experience. Resides in Milwaukee, Wis. Alumni of Carroll University, Waukesha, Wis., class of 2015.

Lindsey Rozinski – Licensed Athletic Trainer, delivering Healthcare through Action to secondary school athletes via hospital outreach.

While no one plans to become injured while playing a sport, when an injury does take place the Athletic Trainer brings the knowledge and experience of healthcare to the athlete the moment the injury occurs. The impact of my role creates confidence for athletes, parents, and coaches by maintaining the safety of health while participating in sport. I maintain a highly professional and efficient athletic training practice that functions as the hub for a high school’s athletic program. I provide clinical evaluations of injuries sustained while playing sport and implement a plan of care. The plan of care is designed to return the athlete back to sport and includes the athlete’s goals, therapeutic exercise and excellent communication with everyone on the athlete’s care team including additional healthcare providers, parents, and coaches. Every athlete deserves to have an Athletic Trainer as a champion for health on their sideline!

What I Do

Injury Prevention

Myofascial Release

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Manual Edema Mobilization

Past Experiences

Licensed Athletic Trainer
(2017 – Present)
Sports medicine provider for a growing division two high school that has on average 13 athletic teams per season, high risk and equipment intensive sports, with varsity teams and individual athletes competing at the state tournament level.

Licensed Athletic Trainer
(2015 – 2017)
Casual Athletic Trainer accessible to five high schools for reliable athletic training facility, event and clinic coverage.

Health Coach
(2017 – 2017)
Health Coach with a comprehensive health appraisal program that establishes a baseline for the total wellness of an employer’s employee population .

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