Lindsey Rozinski

Licensed Athletic Trainer

About Me

I know that no one plans to become injured, and sports injuries can happen all over the place. I will bring expert injury care wherever you are, a fitness center, court, field, or gymnasium. I pride myself on quick and effective injury healing.

I have over 5 years of experience in providing exceptional injury care to individuals offering a range of services in the area of new injuries and injuries that won’t go away.

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Swelling Mobilization

Injury healing can last up to six weeks. Stubborn swelling that just doesn’t seem to go away can leave you with limited range of motion and pain. Injury management services include gentle, expert, movement of swelling in the injured area.

Tape Application

Tape applications enhance the hands-on treatment of the injured area and lasts hours after you have received the treatment.

Educated Plan

An individual exercise program designed to move the injured area, increase range of motion, and move the swelling away from the injured area.


My knee feels a lot better thanks to you working some magic on it!

All of your treatments have worked like magic so far. I trust your hands.