The Young Professional Vote in NATA’s 2020 Presidential Election

The NATA hosted a Facebook Live chat featuring the Young Professionals Committee called “Ask the Candidates: Young Professionals” on Friday, June 19th, 2020. The whole concept of being a young professional is a complicated dynamic, because while it is understood that there is a learning curve happening during this time, young professionals are fully independent in their athletic training careers. The leadership and benefits of NATA membership are valuable to young professionals as they help to guide us as our practices continue to grow into professional careers. However, young professionals need to understand that the variety of NATA membership benefits available to us are simply tools in the toolbox, just like everything else we have learned. It is up to young professionals to decide how to apply them to our careers.

Essentially the NATA YPC and the candidates discussed a lot of different topics that are very meaningful to the young professional’s demographic.

  • engagement
  • transition to practice
  • inter-professional relations
  • advocating value
  • making mistakes

The candidates discussed how they envision young professionals utilizing the leadership and benefits of NATA membership to help young professionals achieve their goals within their own unique careers and settings. The candidates also offered some ways young professionals would benefit from their leadership.

It is important to recognize that the vote in the NATA presidential election itself is also a tool.

If we are really talking about the direction of the future of the profession, we must understand the direction of our own unique professional career paths. Especially in light of the pandemic, in which the NATA is able to utilize the strength of the association to assist AT’s in asserting our role within healthcare, the leadership is a critical component to the application of our own careers.

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